Michael Best Advisors


Collective Strategies for Complex Issues in the Pharma, Drug, and other Regulatory Industries

We deliver results by providing strategic consulting services and serving as a bridge between
government decision-makers and the corporations, organizations, and communities
impacted by those decisions.

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries face a constant churn of regulatory, policy,
and public opinion challenges. Michael Best Advisors gives clients vital guidance on the
complex and collective strategies needed to meet those challenges.

Michael Best Advisors offers government affairs, regulatory advice, marketing
strategy, and public relations services focusing on healthcare, pharmaceuticals, drug policy,
prevention of illicit drug use, law enforcement, homeland security, and healthy communities.
Our team members have held leadership positions in the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S.
Attorney’s Office, Department of Homeland Security, Drug Enforcement Administration,
Department of the Treasury, White House, House of Representatives, and INTERPOL. Clients
get the benefit of our inside experience, high-level insight, and powerful network that spans
the public and private sectors.

What We Do

Government Affairs

We have the expertise and government relationships necessary to represent clients and advocate for their interests in the lawmaking and regulatory process. We help our clients efficiently define, shape, and navigate governmental decisions to obtain positive outcomes. We focus on our clients’ key issues and deliver results by advocating for them across state and federal agencies.

Our Healthcare & Pharma team’s experience is highly regarded across Washington, D.C. We also have networks in all 50 states that include elected officials, governors, attorneys general, and legislators.

Compliance Services

We assist clients with a full range of government enforcement and compliance issues, from internal compliance review to highly publicized government crackdowns that call for immediate action and sophisticated strategies. With our insider experience and crisis management skills, we can help you weather even the roughest storms of public opinion and regulatory scrutiny.

Marketing Strategy & Public Relations (PR)

We can help you develop a realistic marketing and PR strategy with attainable goals. Our team partners with clients to develop and implement an effective strategy that includes a clear vision, mission, and focus that aligns with the client’s core values.

A core component of a successful marketing strategy involves creating a successful multi-channel PR effort. We work with our clients to define their PR needs, then develop an approach that achieves the client’s desired objectives, while also focusing on expanding and educating key target markets, industries, and organizations about our clients.

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